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Hello and welcome to our place! 

We are Katerina and Michalis, a couple who opened this store and merged together our passion
and professional knowledge to create a place that fits into modern life.

Combining Katerina’s experience as Style Editor in leading fashion magazines
together with Michalis’ experience as Marketing Manager at two of the largest beverage companies
in the world, we wanted to bring to life something more than just a coffee shop.
We wanted to create a hub where people could enjoy specialty coffee, co-work,
find high-end objects or simply slow down and relax.

We found a place in the historical centre of Athens, on the ground floor
of a typical 1960s style apartment building, transformed it into a minimal,
urban place and gave it the name ‘Third Place’. Why this choice of name? It’s really simple.

According to the sociologist Ray Oldenburg, we share our life between our home,
First Place, our work space, Second Place and a neutral area, Third Place,
where we can gather with others and chatter leaving behind any stereotypical discriminations.

Based on our love for interior design and slow living, we quickly decided
to expand the Third Place experience by creating a retail section showcasing a selection
of coffeeware and tabletop objects, some of which are being featured for the first time in Greece.
To cut a long story short, from freshly roasted coffee beans to top-notch design objects,
mastering the Scandinavian design tradition, all found their spot at Third Place,
composing our pure, high-aesthetics and serene world.

Now you are a member of our community. Slow down and enjoy it to the fullest!

Katerina + Michalis